Functional Aspects

Aspects related to the goals and functions

Technical Aspects

Aspects related to a technical system or product

Operational Aspects

Aspects related to the operational phase of the life cycle

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Safety by Design

Safety by Design is the process that identifies and manages the risks.

It is the process that identifies, assesses, evaluates, removes, and controls or communicates possible hazards, or hazardous situations or events, and the associated risks through the design process to overcome circumstances where the risks pose a serious threat to humans, the environment or property by design. (Rajabali Nejad, 2020)


Functional aspects of design focus on the goals and functions demanded by the stakeholders across the entire life cycle.

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Technical aspects focus on the design, implementation, production, assembly, and installation of products or systems.


Operational aspects predominantly focus on interactions of humans with the system under consideration and with the environment of the system or product.

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“There is no room for try and error in the competitive environment where expectations are high. Safety must be well understood in the course of design.”

Dr Mohammad Rajabali Nejad