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Spending many years of my career observing the efforts of engineers, I have seen their struggles for achieving results at the highest possible level, all of this to satisfy their customers.

Their resources were limited. They had to achieve their tasks with what they had. It is a privilege to see how they use their creativity in favour of getting the best results. That is the exact reason designers require freedom and flexibility for exploring almost infinite possibilities.

Nevertheless, there is no room to try and error in a competitive environment where expectations are high. Even a single failure may lead to falling behind the other ones. Safety must be well-thought in the course of design. The need for a thorough approach for achieving safety and security in early phases is rather apparent, and this book aims to address the need.

The book Safety by Design intends to implement safety into design. It provides a reference for designers who want to achieve safety and security in their everyday practice, safety engineers who wish to seek a closer relationship with other engineers or developers, and managers who need to find a balance between safety and other performances of the system. The book describes the theory for safe integration and offers a methodology for the complete safety assessment across the full life cycle and different hierarchical levels.

Mohammad Rajabali Nejad